Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated times of the year in the US. Most families have traditions surrounding the holiday that they look forward to every year. However, some may still be looking to start traditions as their family grows and changes, or perhaps they simply want to mix things up. With different circumstances the past couple of years, some traditions haven’t been possible so creativity has been key! A common thread through most people’s Thanksgiving celebrations is spending it with some family members (or friends who feel like family) while celebrating what you’re grateful for that year. Whether you are hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner or have been doing it for years, there may be an idea that sparks a new tradition you want to start in your home. 

What Is the Most Treasured American Thanksgiving Tradition?

Arguably the most common traditions over the past several decades are:

  1. Larger than usual family get together with lots of food
  2. Overeating and sneaking a snooze
  3. Watching a parade and/or football on television
  4. Volunteering at food kitchens and providing meals for families
  5. Planning (or even starting) Black Friday shopping


There are various ways to keep your family memories alive for years to come. Below are a few UNIQUE ways to honor family members and document special moments to look back on later if you want to branch out of the “normal” treasured Thanksgiving traditions like listed above.


3 Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

-The Thanksgiving Journal

Create a Thanksgiving journal or a guest book to include greetings, favorite recipes, and other tidbits. Encourage your guests to record a moment or anecdote throughout the day. Younger children will often have great quotes that you’ll want to get on paper because you are unlikely to remember them later. It offers a snapshot of such a brief moment in their lives. A journal creates a family history and something you can look back on to reminisce about later.

-A Time of Appreciation

Take this opportunity of being together to affirm and show appreciation for your loved ones. Give each of the guest’s notecards to write something good they’ve seen in another persons’ life in the last year. Sometimes it is challenging for people to see the good themselves. Having someone else speak that into your life can be such an encouraging experience. Take some time at the table to share what you’ve written. Give the recipient the card that you’ve written about them. They can then look back and treasure those moments and your words.

-Give Back to Your Community

Have everyone bring food items that can be donated to your local food drive to share with a needy family. This is a great way to get items out of your pantry that you won’t eat anyways. 

Do you have any neighbors, friends, or people in need that you can share your fabulous Thanksgiving desserts with? Get your children participating in the spirit of giving back by ringing the bell when leaving the boxed dessert on the doorstep with a note and dashing. 

The Thanksgiving Day holiday can evoke an array of emotions for different people, especially when we remember those that aren’t with us any longer. We hope you found some inspiration for trying some unique Thanksgiving traditions with your family this year.




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