Slowing Down This Christmas Season

This year, The Deich Team is dreaming of a slow Christmas. You?

At the heart of it all, Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, rest and reflection, but the hurried pace of the holiday season can make it difficult to enjoy this special time. For many, this time of the year can be stressful and overwhelming. Between frantically checking off Christmas lists in overcrowded stores and rushing to meet work deadlines before the office shuts for the holidays, it can be difficult to catch a break. No matter where we go, a fast-paced, high-strung energy lingers in the air.

It is also an incredibly difficult time of year for those who are struggling financially, who have lost loved ones, and who have complicated family dynamics who cannot count on a caring and supportive holiday experience. This year is especially difficult on those who cannot be with family for this special season but despite these very real struggles, we are all constantly surrounded by picture-perfect images of how Christmas is supposed to look. As a result, many overcompensate by trying to make this holiday bigger and better than the one that came before.

Rushing through the holiday season means that it passes us by before we stop to enjoy it. But we can change that by deciding to slow down and be fully present in the moment. After all, the season of giving is not about presents, decorations and holiday treats. It is about giving the gift of time…both to you and to your loved ones. And most importantly, it is about the birth of Jesus. 

Slowing down the pace will infuse the holiday with meaning, giving you the space you need to make the most of the season. A slow Christmas means more time for you and your loved ones. Enjoying a slower holiday can bring out the very best in this season. This Christmas, instead of rushing around, you can root yourself in the present moment and prioritize rest and connection. Every little change makes a difference….whether you choose to buy your gifts from small businesses or decide to put your phone away and be fully present around your loved ones. However you’re spending your holiday this year, The Deich Team hopes it brings you peace, joy and well-deserved rest.

How are you planning to slow down this holiday season? 

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