Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas

It’s official….Fall is here! While Mother Nature works her magic outside, you can do the same inside. These easy fall home decor ideas can quickly transform your living room, front porch, dining room, and more.

This is the time of year all about coziness and making your home as inviting as possible. We’ve pulled together some of the coolest fall decorating ideas that are not only impressive, but aren’t difficult to do. From a cozy entrance and a crackling fire in the hearth to some perfectly placed blankets and pillows, your home will come alive with the fall spirit.

And best of all, these ideas work with ANY budget. Many of the items you can use are already in your yard….pinecones, leaves, branches. With these easy home decorating ideas for fall, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

1. Warm the Hearth With a Cozy Fire

There’s no comfier living room than one with a crackling fire. As a nod to the fact that winter’s right around the corner—and your fireplace will soon get much more use—have a professional come to ensure your chimney is in working order. We have excellent people we work with so if you don’t have a chimney specialist, give The Deich Team a shout. 

Bonus tip: Decorate your mantel with gourds, maize, and other fall cornucopia items.

2. Pumpkins…

Tis the season for pumpkins! While you can place these orange baubles on your front porch for all to see, you can also place them around your home’s interior. After all, it can be fall indoors, too. Place some pumpkins where guests wouldn’t typically expect to see them, such as in a corner in your entry or on a countertop in your kitchen. Pumpkins help conjure the spirit of the season-best, adding a cozy ambiance wherever they’re spotted—so think of other rooms in your home that could use a bit of the fall spirit.

3. Create a Gourd Display in Your Kitchen

Have some colorful bowls to match the season? Fill them with gourds and place them around your kitchen on countertops, on the table, or even on top of your fridge (when was the last time you looked up there? Fridge tops become a catch-all, and this is the perfect time to clean off the top of your refrigerator). Too many gourds? Fill some bowls with pinecones, apples, or fall-scented potpourri.

4. Forage for a Display All Your Own

Looking for a unique way to add some fall flair to your dining room? Forage your yard for fallen leaves or branches, and then style your findings in a vase. Not only is this a beautiful way to bring fall indoors—but it’s FREE!

5. Hang Wreaths

Wreaths work for all occasions and seasons, but especially during fall. You can add a wreath to your front door, on the inside or outside of windows, the breakfast nook, or even a bare wall to bring in the season. Fall wreaths can have various decorations, such as apples, mini maize cobs, and even fall flowers. This is a great way to herald in the season—indoors or out.

6. Go Crazy on the Outside

For some things, less is more—but for fall home decor ideas, more is definitely more. For instance, decorate the entire space outside your home—think gourds and pumpkins in mounds around your yard; cozy blankets draped across your porch swing, rocking chair, or outdoor seating area; giant wreaths that can weather all the holidays throughout the rest of the fall.

No matter what time of year, The Deich Team is here to help….whether you just need decor ideas or you’re staging your home for sale. 

If your fall plans include selling your home, we’d love to chat!

Happy Decorating!!!!


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