Choosing your Word of the Year

The past few years of our lives have looked dramatically different from one year to the next, but one thing we learned was to set a focus for ourselves. A word we could continue to go back to time and time again to reset our priorities.

If you’re overwhelmed by goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions, then start small. Start simple. Find a word that speaks to you and claim it for the year. Because when you choose one word to be your theme for the entire year, it helps guide all your decisions. And if you tend to start new things or get distracted easily, your word of the year can bring you back to the present and remind you of why you chose it in the first place.

Steps for choosing your best word of the year:

  1. List the things you want to focus on this year.
  2. Determine the common theme[s] of your list.
  3. List some words that would work.
  4. Decide which of the words on your list feels like it will be the MOST motivational. Give yourself time to brainstorm the one word that brings it all together; then, write that word down and keep it where you can see it.

Once you come up with your word, write it down and write it EVERYWHERE. Put it on your desk, make it your screen saver or phone’s wall paper. The ideas are endless. The key is to keep your word front and center so you can see it and live it.

This year I’m choosing JOY for my word. I thought I knew something about joy. I thought I was an optimistic person. But as it turns out, I’m not really. I’m realistic and that’s not exactly the same as optimistic. And optimistic isn’t necessarily the same as joyful, just like — depending on who you ask — joy isn’t the same thing as happiness.

All these thoughts have been ricocheting through my brain and pinging my heart every once in a while — ALL WHILE I steeped myself deeper and deeper into the idea of choosing joy no matter what my circumstances are. So even though I’ve learned a lot about joy lately, what I’ve learned most is that there is a lot left I don’t know.

So, what all that being said, WHAT’S YOUR WORD OF THE YEAR?

-Rachel Deich of The Deich Team


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