Reasons to shop local FIRST this holiday season

The holiday shopping season is now in full swing. In an effort to get us into their stores or to order online, retail giants have begun to bombard us with advertising, rolling out hot deals left and right.

These days, with so many options available, it’s tough to decide where to put our holiday $$$. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the next big promotion or exciting sales event, but there’s one really important detail that retailers like to keep quiet about this time of year: Where you decide to shop has a real impact on your local economy!

Shopping locally has the power to expand our holiday gift giving beyond simply bringing joy to our loved ones and transform it into a force for the greater good.

Here are 3 reasons to think local this year:

Local economy. It affects us all. When you choose to spend at the businesses and shops around your neighborhood, the health of your local economy is directly impacted in a positive way. +++ Studies show that money spent at local businesses generates 3.5 times MORE wealth for the local economy than the same amount spent at a big box or chain-owned business. This means that your dollars are being funneled right back into the community that you care about. How awesome is that?!?!? Plus, a healthy small business district creates a vibrant sense of culture and improves community ties in our neighborhoods.

Higher quality.  Shopping local means we end up with better products and in more ways than one. First, locally made products tend to be of a higher quality than items found at big retailers. Why? Because these products actually matter to someone. Whether it’s a hand-crafted rocking horse or a carefully stitched tote bag, local and handmade items generally last longer and are made from higher quality materials than their mass-produced counterparts. 

It’s 2020. The year has been rough on small, local businesses. Many lost a lot of revenue because of the lockdown. Some shut down for good. Now that many businesses are back up and running it’s time to make sure they stay that way. Let’s keep those “open” signs lit this year.

No matter how you stack it, local = better. Do yourself and your community a favor, shop local FIRST this holiday season.

Have a wonderful Holiday season from The Deich Team!

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