Simple Ways to Celebrate our Veterans

This Veterans Day, Wednesday the 11th, we’re celebrating the brave men and women who have served our country.

We live in a wonderful country – land of opportunity, home of the free, a place built upon the pursuit of happiness –  it is because of our Veterans, both current and past, that we can enjoy this privilege. Veterans Day is but one date dedicated to the celebration of these brave men and women, but we believe the support and appreciation should continue throughout the year. 

Here are some simple ways you can thank a Veteran this Wednesday or year round:

1.  Say thank you. It’s that easy. If you see a member of the military or a veteran walking down the street, in a restaurant or any place, say “thank you for your service.”

2.  Send greeting cards. Greeting cards with personal notes are always appreciated. Check out your local dollar store, they often sell them two for a dollar.

3.  Talk to veterans in your family. Chances are someone in your family is a veteran. If they are willing, talk to them about their experiences in the service. You will probably find out things you never suspected and they will love knowing you care enough to ask and listen.

4.  Place flowers on a grave in a veteran’s cemetery. It doesn’t have to be a holiday like Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day to do this. Any day of the year shows you care. 

5.  Read your kids a book about veterans. Start teaching your kids early how our veterans and the military served to keep us free. There are many books that are great for kids. 

6.  Say something on social media. Whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another social media account is your favorite, mention how you appreciate veterans.

7.  Pay for a meal in a restaurant. If you see a vet or military member at a restaurant ask your server to bring you their bill so you can pay for their meal. You don’t even have to let them know it was you.

8.  Help remodel homes for disabled veterans. Vets in wheelchairs or with special needs often need their home to accommodate their special circumstances. Building wheelchair ramps or wider door thresholds are a big help.

9.  Give your seat or place in line to a veteran or member of the military. If you are waiting in line at the grocery store, give your place in line to a vet or military member that is further back in the line.

10. Have your dog certified as a therapy dog. You and your four-legged friend will both be gratified by the joy that comes from a therapy dog visiting hospitals and retirement homes. Dogs are wonderful companions and can easily show that they appreciate veterans too!

That’s just a few ways to show your appreciation. Let us know if you have done any of the things on our list or if you have other ways to say you care to a veteran.

On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.” -Dan Lipinski




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