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We get these questions all the time….how do you work with your spouse? How do you have time to run a business that seems 24/7 and still have time for each other and your children? You have investment properties that you maintain and Here’s some of our secrets. Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone. 

Running a business together:

Ahhhhhh working with your spouse…. we must say, sharing the same goals and values and being able to celebrate success together is fantastic. Sometimes we just have to stop and think about how incredibly thankful we are. Is it always easy? Nope. Are we each other’s biggest cheerleaders? 100%. We always have each other’s back. What works for us is that we each have our own tasks that we prefer taking the lead on. But one of the most important aspects of being a sucessful Husband and Wife Team is, you must find time for yourselves. It’s so crucial to keep yourselves on the right track to remembering to Take Care of Each Other

Making time for each other & family:

We’ve been married for 21 years and have 2 teenage girls who are our greatest joys. Balance is truly an art. While we don’t profess to get it right, we do have some tips on achieving this thing we all strive for….BALANCE.

1. Prioritize and Balance. Determine your key priorities and safeguard them. Timeblock, timeblock, timeblock. Scheduling will help you minimize overcommitting and becoming overwhelmed, so that you avoid presenting a frazzled and worn out version of you.

2. Understand it takes a village.  You have to embrace that you can do a lot, but you cant do everything. Our first line of support is each other, and together we truly divide and conquer the responsibilities for our family. This form of sharing the load helps our days and family run better. Whether you are married or not, have that village to help with your children. We are so thankful for our family and close friends who are there to love and show our girls a fun time when needed. When you have a circle of support, a greater level of balance and success can be achieved.

3. Don’t forget about you. You have to make time for rest, fun and daily inspiration, so that you have the energy and optimistic mindset to conquer each day, run your business and keep family first. Find something you love and go do it. For YOU. The key is to be good to yourself, and in turn it will make you better for your family and business.

Owning and managing our investment properties: It’s no secret we are passionate about owning investment properties. It’s for our future and our kids future. We have built a path that will allow our children to graduate debt free from college and enjoy retirement with each other someday. There are several ways of real estate investing, we have chosen to have an investment portfolio of higher-end rentals in our area. We have also chosen to self-manage them. Is it as easy as it sounds? Nope, but with hard work and determination we have done it. Are there some long nights or weekends when we would rather be relaxing at home? Definitely. It is all about having the same goals. Involve your kids. It motivates them and shows them good work ethic. Life is all about teachable moments and we make sure this is one of them. 

That was a little peak into our business and crazy world that we love. We hope that helps or maybe gives you some ideas on balance. Don’t forget to smile!



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